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A villa on the Amalfi Coast in the Liparlati district

It’s a symbol of Positano, the most exclusive villa on the Amalfi Coast, a place where history has left its mark. Villa San Giacomo is a luxurious villa in Positano dating back to 1741, located in the Liparlati district, also known as the “golden hill” because of its exposure to sunlight from early morning to dusk. Situated just a 10-minute walk from the bustling and vibrant downtown area, Villa San Giacomo is a small oasis of peace surrounded by green pergolas and colourful houses that perch on the hillside all the way down to the sea. And it’s the sea that will welcome you as soon as you set foot inside this villa on the Amalfi Coast: an endless expanse of blue greeting you from our spacious terrace.

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A villa on the Amalfi Coast

An enchanting seaside villa

Just as the Sirens once lured Ulysses with their singing, you’ll be lured by the disarming beauty of the coast and the sea that you can admire from the terraces, which are the centrepiece of our villa on the Amalfi Coast. Guests that stay at our historic villa in Positano love the ambience and intimacy of this architectural jewel: A 350m2 terrace, a large 1,000m2 garden, and the kitchen are the most stunning places to enjoy pleasant moments in company or in total privacy. You’ll have an entire villa on the Amalfi Coast just for you. So, you’ll have the opportunity to treat yourself to a unique experience inside a seaside villa with pool featuring every comfort and at the same time enjoy everything that Positano and surroundings have to offer.

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A villa on the Amalfi Coast

Weddings in one the most luxurious villas on the Amalfi Coast

If you know the Amalfi Coast, then you’ll know that it’s dotted with narrow lanes and stairways, and Positano is no exception. Starting in spring 2024, a lift will be built so that you can directly reach Villa San Giacomo – a convenience that will make your holiday even more special.

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Villa San Giacomo
Via Santa Croce, 16
84017 Positano // Italy
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