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A holiday in Positano, the cradle of the Gods

How do you imagine your holiday in Positano? How well do you know this small town, famous the world over, whose beauty and history have been glorified by writers, singers, and actors? Positano has a remarkable history and several legends that locals still love to tell.

The village has been a holiday destination since Roman times, as evidenced by rooms of a Roman villa located on the site of Santa Maria dell’Assunta Church, one of Positano’s architectural symbols with its iconic dome featuring colourful majolica tiles. The church stands where the Benedictine Abbey was founded in the 10th century. Legend has it that a Byzantine icon of a Black Madonna and Child arrived in Positano, which can be seen today on the central altar of the church.

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Your holiday in Positano

Myths and legends: from Li Galli Islands to Saracen pirates

The legend says that the icon of the Madonna arrived by sea, on a ship of Saracen pirates coming from the East. After a storm, the ship lost its bearings and a voice saying “Posa, posa” (lay down) steered it back towards Positano. That was a sign from the Virgin Mary: she chose Positano as her place to stay. From that mystical voice derives, according to legend, the very name of Positano.

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Your holiday in Positano

From legends to fashion

Another characteristic of Positano is its famous fashion style. Moda Mare Positano (Positano seaside fashion), as it was dubbed in the 1960s, is still still a source of pride today. Just think of the many boutiques lining the numerous lanes, in which you can admire the soft pastel colours of sarongs, linen shirts, bikinis, and sandals made of leather.

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