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Historic villa in Positano: from the 18th century to the present day

The Amalfi Coast is dotted with lavish and well-known villas, but there’s one particular historic villa in Positano that outshines all others in importance and history. Villa San Giacomo has a glorious past and dates back to the 18th century. Records show that the Buonocore family, an ancient family of wealthy merchants whose coat of arms can still be seen on the entrance door, began the construction of the villa.

The family had the villa built in the Liparlati district, known as the “golden hill”, in order to have an optimal view of the harbour and ships. The district was given this name as the greatest number of prestigious villas were built there and because it enjoys a privileged position kissed by the first to the last rays of sunshine. After that, owners succeeded one another without leaving many traces, with the exception of the Florentine antiquarian Orsini, who made major changes and gave his name to the villa.

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A historic villa in Positano

A luxury historic villa on the hillside of Positano

This luxury historic villa was then bought by an English general, who decided to move to Positano with his entire family. He and his family were taken care of by Ms Angelina, a local lady who became so much a part of the family that the general left her the villa as an inheritance when he died. When Angelina died, two new partners, Giacomo Cinque and Riccardo Ruggiti, founders of the well-known clothing company Antica Sartoria, bought the villa and spent two and a half years renovating it, restoring the treasures of this villa on the Amalfi Coast to their former glory, with its stuccoes, decorated ceilings, doors with antique gears, and precious designs.

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Today the villa has been bought by a Brazilian entrepreneur, who fell in love with the beauty of Positano and this villa.

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