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Fill your luggage with scents, colours, and memories.

After a holiday at Villa San Giacomo, you’ll be left with a luggage full of blissful memories and experiences in close contact with the place and the locals. As the writer John Steinbeck once said, Positano is deeply striking, not only for its unquestionable beauty, but also for the authenticity of its inhabitants.

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A 360º experience

The most authentic flavours of Positano

During your stay at this luxurious villa in Positano, you’ll benefit from a full concierge service with a chef who will cook breakfast and either lunch or dinner for you. However, the culinary experience at Villa San Giacomo isn’t limited only to the flavour-rich dishes and convenient service: Guests will develop a wonderful, direct, and genuine relationship with our chef; a culinary and cultural exchange that will make the experience even more extraordinary.

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A 360º experience

Cooking with the chef

Besides sampling the dishes, you can also assist the chef in preparing meals. The chef will be happy to share anecdotes, secrets, and interesting stories about the dishes and the history of the town. The kitchen will transform into a place of conversation, laughter, discussions, and moments of taste that will enrich your experience and make you feel part of it.

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