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Dream villa by the sea, amidst vines and lemon trees

It’s hard to describe in words what you feel when entering a dream villa by the sea, like Villa San Giacomo. You have to see Positano with your own eyes to truly understand the mind-blowing beauty of this place. Our luxurious villa in Positano is a stunning 18th-century villa painted in coral pink, where you’ll find everything you ever wanted: a huge terrace facing the sea, a magnificent kitchen, a vine-covered portico with original majolica tiles, a spectacular view of the beach, a concierge service, suites with 18th-century furnishings, and a rich array of experiences to take home with you.

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A dream villa by the sea in Positano

The perfect luxury holiday, a tailor-made dream

Villa San Giacomo will be the home of your dreams on the Amalfi Coast. A little corner of paradise hidden from the bustling centre of Positano, where you can enjoy an entire villa to yourself, with a concierge service at your complete disposal and a plethora of experiences to be enjoyed within the villa itself, from wine tastings to cooking classes to yoga retreats.

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Dream villas by the sea? Villa San Giacomo!

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Villa San Giacomo
Via Santa Croce, 16
84017 Positano // Italy
VAT no.: 06142810651
T +39 339 1283114 // info@villasangiacomo.com